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Splash Slippers
$40, $24


Collaboration between Nununu and Collegien. Sock slippers with rubber soles. Machine washable on gentle cycle. All Nununu pieces are slightly distressed by design and are scented with the much loved all-natural Nununu signature oil.


Size 20/21 fits US shoe size 4-4.5.
Size 22/23 fits US shoe size 5-5.5.
Size 24/25 fits US shoe size 6-7.
Size 26/27 fits US shoe size 8-9.
Size 28/29 fits US shoe size 10-11.
Size 30/31 fits US shoe size 12-13.
Size 32/33 fits US shoe size 1-2.
Size 34/35 fits US shoe size 3-4

about nununu

Nununu is a cool yet comfortable alternative to the ordinary conventions of baby fashion with a humour and edge in design. Nununu can stand the most rugged of outings while remaining one of the coolest kids brands around.

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