Kanken / Royal Blue + Goose Eye
Kanken / Royal Blue + Goose Eye


Kanken / Royal Blue + Goose Eye


With the Swedish mantra in mind, "Straight backs are happy backs," Fjallraven created the first Kanken in 1978 to spare the backs of school children, as back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups. Simple, stylish and functional, the Kanken backpack soon became a common sight in schools around the country, quickly spreading to cities around the world as an iconic (yet highly functional) Swedish export.

Made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F, the Kanken has a large main compartment with a large opening, two side pockets, a zippered pocket in the front, handle at the top, narrow, adjustable shoulder straps, a sitting pad in the pocket and logo that doubles as a reflector.

Measures: 15 x 11 x 5 inches