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Napa Baby Top / Watermelon
$89, $53


Strappy baby top with a gathered neckline and fixed bow straps, cut in a soft cotton voile. 100% Cotton.


Approximate size guide (baby's chest, waist, height)
3m (16, 17, 21 inches or 41, 43, 54 cm)
6m (17, 18, 26 inches or 43, 46, 66 cm)
12m (18, 19, 30 inches or 46, 48, 76 cm)
18m (19, 19, 34 inches or 48, 48, 86.5 cm)

about caramel

In creating Caramel Baby & Child, Eva Karayiannis established a convincing argument: that children deserve clothing as authentic and lovely as childhood itself. A line stacked with gorgeous and quietly quirky garments persuasively pleads the case. The Caramel brand also prioritizes practicality; everything can be worn from the first school bell to the ride home from soccer practice. Parents who value the uniqueness of their little ones gravitate to Caramel and its emphasis on inimitable chic.

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